DBR 014 CD


 Burial Exhumed


 YEAR: 2015

 GENRE: Death Metal



A fantastic compilation CD that includes the "Void in time" demo (1991), the "Optical mass" demo (1992) and the "Effigy" EP (1992) from this obscure U.K. Death Metal band. Very recommended for fans of the early works of bands such as Death, Immolation, Morgoth, Benediction, Gorefest..

1. Intro / Effigy 04:19
2. Reticent Roleplay 03:27
3. Ice Enshoured Walls 03:39
4. Intro / Impending Writ Of The Last Rites 04:39
5. Deceived By The Eye Of Sanctity 05:21
6. Practices Of Infidelity 02:41
7. Devaluted Life 04:11
8. Inherited Fate 03:05
9. Season's End 04:17
10. Void In Time 03:51



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