DBR 010 CD

 Psychopathic Terror

 War against the global maze of tyranny


 YEAR: 2015

 GENRE: Death Metal


 COUNTRY: Finland

The 5th full-length from this Finnish band that rose from the ashes of the mighty Depravity. Psychopathic Terror know exactly how to keep the 90´s tradition alive with heavy and brutal riffs that aim straight to your spine. Absolutely recommended for fans of bands such as Unleashed, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Dismember, Necrony...

1. Dealer Of Death 03:04
2. Seeds Of Destruction 02:17
3. The Swiss Shakedown 02:39
4. The Katyn Massacre 03:03
5. The Goldstein Massacre 03:19
6. That's When I Became A Revisionist 03:04
7. The Invisible Government 02:10
8. Zionist Psychopaths 04:39
9. Parasitic Terror 05:05
10. EU Corruption 04:37
11. Red Terror Revisited 05:04
12. Other Losses 04:21
13. Food As An Instrument Of Genocide 02:39



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