Day Of Doom

The Second Coming.CD

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Jewelcase, comes with 12 pages booklet, including a small write-up from Doug Cerrito who was participating on the bands debut album.

This compilation consists of the band's debut album "Night of Horror" and its sophomore offering "Slaves to Insanity" (revisioned).

01. Pale Delineations
02. The Unblinking Eye
03. Tempest of Revenge
04. Nightmare Child
05. Womb of Hell
06. Hatred Is
07. Kill All the Humans
08. Perpetual Sorrow
09. Lust for Blood
10. Release the Inner Demon
11. These Creatures
12. The Exalted Ones
13. Inhumans
14. Slaves to Insanity
Total Time: 51:21





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