Sacrilegious Fornication.CD

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The 4th full-length from this long-running Italian band, recorded and mixed at the legendary Sunlight Studios in Sweden, featuring artwork by Chris Moyen, an exclusive Hellhammer cover ("Massacra") and a especial guest appearance by Johan Johannson (Interment, Moondark, Uncanny, ex-Centinex and ex-a zillion other Swedish acts). Active since 1992, Horrid have always been a honest and uncompromising band into the kind of putrid,crunchy and gloomy Death Metal with somber melodies that used to be the law in Scandinavia and Finland back in the early 90´s. Very recommended for fans of Nihilist/Entombed, early Amorphis, Autopsy, Sorcery, early Death, Dismember, Desultory...

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