Nocturnal Hollow

Deathless And Fleshless.CD

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Nocturnal Hollow are one of S. America’s Darkest kept secret’s. Hailing from Venezuela they have carved a name for themselves in the scene with a brand of Scathing Dark Death Metal with a nasty dash of the Old School Swedish sound blended in to devastating Effect.

Their new album "Deathless and fleshless" and their 3rd release to date contains 10 new Anthems of Old School Death Metal with an absolute Crushing production and a mastering job performed by the man himself Mr Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity/Bloodbath).

Nocturnal Hollow plays their Death Metal with precision and passion, a must for fans of old Unleashed, Morbid Angel and Celtic Frost.

Running time: 37:08 minutes





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