Keeper of Death" / Propeller "Always Say Die. 2CD

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2 CD issue

Phantasm "Keeper of Death" (1993) (1 Disc)

1. Intro/Rotten Plague
2. Stick In Back
3. Brainsuckers Spiders
4. Night Of The Living Dead
5. Keeper Of Death
6. Black Castle
7. Phantasm
8. Grave Digger
9. Morbid History (Bonus Track)
10. More Then Death (Bonus Track)
11. Real World Over (Bonus Track)

Propeller "Always Say Die" (1992) (2 disc)

1. Touch Of Freedom
2. Red Pestilence
3. I Am Beerdrinker
4. Dazed Fear
5. Brain
6. Night Of A Living Death
7. Evil Spirit
8. Stick In Back
9. Brainsuckers Spiders

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