In The Inside… Reborn The Flesh.MCD

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The Spannish death grind machine TERATOMA is here with new album „In The Inside Reborn The Flesh“. It is full to the brim of the most cruel tunes and it is like the long, painfull death on the deserted abattoir. The recording has succeeded. The men connect the best what was played in grind and death. This album is raw like crash with a lorry full of rotten bones, flesh and suffering. The news is duty for all fans of raw sound, morbid vocals and riffs that cut you into small pieces. „In The Inside Reborn The Flesh“ cuts out your heart and nails it on the door of autopsy room! This is how I imagine the music playing at the end of human civilization. TERATOMA are in their top form and I can their act only recommend. Death grind exhumation of human mind! Great album!
Jakub Asphyx / Deadly Storm

Tracklist :
01. In The Inside Reborn the Flesh (Intro)
02. Taking Over Brains
03. The Brundlefly Project
04. Zombies A.D.
05. The Hidden Church
06. Suffering

Immortal Souls Productions




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