Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance

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Embalmed returns with a brand new full length album of uncompromising classic brutality that will make you worship this legendary underground Brutal Death Metal band. This is for the fans of classic NYDM style - Pyrexia, Dehumanized, Suffocation and Internal Bleeding.

1.    Regiment Of Death 04:49    
2.    Insurgent Killer 04:50    
3.    Stalker,Texas Mangler 06:52    
4.    Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance 03:45    
5.    Bathtub Slayings 04:13    
6.    Penetralia 02:23    
7.    Bludgeoned 03:09    
8.    Bloated Cadaver 04:05    
9.    Tortured 04:13    
10.  Crescendo Of Violence 04:34    
11.  Pieces Remain 03:54


Dark Blasphemies Records




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